Apple Sweetness Chart

Apple Sweetness Chart

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There are enough types of apples to keep your fall filled with this yummy, versatile fruit! Whether you like them sugary-sweet or lip-smacking tart, we’ve got apples that are perfect for baking, snacking, slicing for salads and sandwiches, and everything in between. Apples are very nutritious, too – they’re packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients.

Here you’ll find some of the most popular apples, ranked from sweet to tart, using our Apple Sweetness Chart, plus easy apple recipes, when are apples in season, and ideas on the best ways to enjoy them (including baking, of course!).

Apple Sweetness Chart
Types of ApplesSweetest LevelBest ForPeak‑of‑season
Fujithe sweetest apple varietysnacking, applesauce and saladsmid- to late October
Galahighly sweetsnacking, applesauce and saladslate July to early September
Golden Delicioussweet, rich and mild in flavorsnacking, baked apples and applesaucemid- to late September
Red Delicioussweet-tart mix but very mild in flavorsnacking and saladsmid- to late September
Honeycrispgreat balance of sweet and tart, with a rich, aromatic flavor snacking and saladsSeptember
New! Cosmicvery sweet with some tartnesssnacking, salads, baking and pairing with wine and cheeseDecember
New! Opalquite sweet and slightly floral (similar to Honeycrisp)snacking, salads, baking, appetizers and pairing with wine and cheeseDecember to March
New! Envyextremely sweetsnacking, salads, cider, mocktails and pork recipesMay to October
Jazzsweet-tart combosnacking, baking, salads and saucesearly to mid-October
Pink Ladyquite tartsnacking, baking, salads, sauces and moremid- to late October
Granny Smithvery tartbaking, salads and baked applesmid- to late October

Easy Apple Recipes

When you think of using apples in a recipe, our guess is that Classic Apple Pie is the first thing that comes to mind. The flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg are perfectly matched with sweet, juicy apples. Add a flaky pastry crust and vanilla ice cream for a slice of perfection.

Or, another sweet idea is Easy Apple Crisp. And apples can easily make the switch to savory with One Pan Glazed Pork with Apples or Squash and Apple Cheddar Gratin. Plus, you’ll find so many more delicious and healthy apple recipes in our recipe collection.

Tools & Other Core Essentials

When preparing recipes with apples, it’s helpful to have a good paring knife, apple corer, peeler, a food mill for making applesauce and a pie plate, all of which you can order online or find in-store. Once you have decided which apple you want to eat or use in your recipe, below are tips on how to cut an apple.

For more fall inspiration, visit our Fall Shop. Or for more Easy Apple Recipes, we’ve collected our favorites in one spot.

How to Cut Apples

Learn how to cut an apple and which tools work best for different easy apple recipes.

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