Deviled Egg Ideas for Easter

Publish Date March 8, 2023 5 Minute Read

A classic appetizer you’ll often find on holiday tables, deviled eggs are an easy-to-make, eye-catching snack. They’re versatile too – you can dress them up with a little paprika, serve up deviled eggs with bacon or garnish them any way you like.

How Long to Boil Eggs for Deviled Eggs

Cooking times for hard-boiled eggs can vary, but if you're making hard-boiled eggs for use in deviled eggs, it’s best to cook them for at least 12 minutes. This allows both the whites and yolks to set fully. For a complete rundown, you can check out How to Hard-boil Eggs Perfectly Every Time, but if you need a quick guide, here it is:

  1. Place eggs in a pot in a single layer and cover with cold water until eggs are submerged by at least 1” (2” for larger batches of eggs).
  2. Bring to a rolling boil, then cover and turn off the heat. Let sit 10-12 minutes.
  3. Carefully transfer the eggs to a bowl filled with ice and cold water. Let rest 10-15 minutes.
  4. Store peeled or unpeeled in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

Deviled Egg Ingredients

Fresh eggs will work fine, but eggs closer to their use-by date may be easier to peel. This is because older eggs have a higher pH level, making the membrane less likely to stick to the shell.

Basic deviled eggs only take a few additional ingredients to make. Typically, you’ll combine the yolks with mayonnaise, pickle relish, salt, pepper and yellow mustard to make the filling. Garnish with a sprinkle of paprika and you’re good to go. Some variations will also use a little vinegar or lemon juice in the filling to give the deviled eggs a tangy zing.

Of course, you can also get fancy with your presentation. We’ve got plenty of fun ideas, like using avocado in the filling and garnishing with a slice of bacon, or dressing up cute Bunny Deviled Eggs. Watch the video and check out the recipes below.

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How to Make a Deviled Egg Easter Spread

Serving up deviled eggs on their own is a delicious choice, but there’s a way to make a truly special spread when you use them as part of an Easter charcuterie board. While most charcuterie boards feature a mixture of savory ingredients, Easter is a great time to bring in fresh favorites and even sweet treats.

For a savory Easter charcuterie display, start with some deviled eggs, then add snackable fresh fruits and veggies (we like carrots, celery, cucumber rounds, grapes and strawberries). Pistachios, miniature pickled cucumbers and a selection of cheeses can help complete your board. Consider serving with a little hummus for dipping, or add thin, toasted slices of bread or bagel chips for some extra crunch.

Or, go the other direction and make a sweet charcuterie board. There are plenty of Easter treats to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooths, like Peeps, candy eggs, seasonal cookies and yogurt-covered pretzels. You can even include cupcakes from the Bakery or create mini-parfaits in shot glasses.

Whichever style you decide to serve up, we hope you have a delicious spring. And if you’re looking for more inspiration, visit our Easter shop or explore more recipe ideas here.

Deviled Egg Ideas

This Easter, learn how to take your festive spread to the next level. Explore ideas for making the most deviled eggs with unique flavor ingredients and tips to present your spring snacks on an beautiful brunch board.

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Deviled Egg Recipes