Spring Brunch Madness

Publish Date February 15, 2024 1 Minute Read

Dear Chef Mike,

What are your top tips for making springtime brunches less of a frazzled rush?

– Scrambling Host

Dear Scrambling Host,

When I am making a large brunch for multiple people, I like to go with a casserole. Things like cutting vegetables and whisking eggs can all be done a day in advance to save you the “day of” dishes and stresses that go into cooking for a large group of people.

Keep the casserole simple, too, and have some fresh garnishes so people can make theirs special to them. Being able to customize your own dish always ensures that everybody will enjoy their meal.

Ready to Serve Options

Ready-to-Serve Options

Scrambling for time? Here are our favorite ready-to-serve items for a flawless and tasty brunch spread.

Private Selection™ Chocolate Filled Croissants

These croissants are baked fresh in-store and star a delicious, chocolate center surrounded by flaky dough.

Kroger Brand Cinnamon Rolls with Icing

Add a sweet treat to your brunch spread with these warm and cozy cinnamon rolls that are easy to make and a joy to eat.

Simple Truth™ All American Omelet Bites

One minute is all you need to microwave these savory bites to fluffy perfection. Eggs, bacon, hash browns and cheddar cheese all combine for irresistible flavor.