Helpful Thanksgiving Schedule Hero

A Helpful Thanksgiving Schedule

A little planning, organizing and even cooking ahead of Turkey Day can pay big in time-saving.

3 Weeks Ahead (or More)

3-weeks ahead hero
3-weeks ahead hero

Your gathering might be a little smaller this year. Tally up your total number of diners to help you determine how much food you’ll need to prepare.

Plan your menu.
And create your shopping list. Divide the list into items you can buy now, like staples and cooking tools, and items you’ll need to buy closer to Thanksgiving, such as fresh produce, whipping cream, etc.

Check your cupboards.
See if you already have any of the items on your shopping list. Plus, do a fridge and freezer cleanout to free up space.

Think about your décor.
If you’ll be using a tablecloth, does it need ironing? Will you need a centerpiece from our Floral Department? Do you need candles, napkins, kitchen utensils and tools, or serveware? Answering these questions early will keep things running smoothly.

2 Weeks Ahead

2-weeks ahead hero
2-weeks ahead hero

Choose your turkey.
It’s time to get your fresh or frozen turkey from the Meat Department. You’ll need about a pound per person, or a pound and a half if you want leftovers. For a frozen turkey, you’ll need at least 24 hours of thawing time in the fridge for every 4 pounds of turkey. See our Turkey Tips for more helpful info.

Gather recipes.
Review directions, double-check ingredients and add items to your shopping list.

Get Shopping!

Prior Prep Hero
Prior Prep Hero

This is the time to bring home nonperishable items, baking ingredients, beverages and lots of butter. Grab candles, décor, kitchenware, paper towels, foil, storage bags and containers for leftovers. And if you’re looking to save more time, be sure to place an order for delivery or FREE pickup.*

Prep make-ahead dishes.
Consider making and freezing pie dough, breads or rolls, and casseroles. You can even make cranberry sauce now – it stays fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

The Week of Thanksgiving

1-week ahead hero
1-week ahead hero

Start wrapping up your to-do list.
Now’s the time to tidy up around the house and run last-minute, non-grocery errands.

Shop and prep fresh items.
Shop for fresh produce. Peel and chop veggies and fresh herbs, place in airtight plastic bags and store them in your fridge’s crisper. Also, make any homemade salad dressings and wash salad greens, dry well and store in the fridge, too. If you have pie dough or casseroles in the freezer, defrost them in the fridge.

Get a premade centerpiece or fresh flowers to make your own from our Floral Department.

1 Day Before

Prep, prep, prep.
Chill beverages in the fridge or cooler. If you’re brining your turkey, it’s time to get started (our Turkey Tips can help). Bake your pies if you haven’t yet, refrigerating any creamy pies. If you’re really on a roll, prepare your stuffing, and make your mashed potatoes and refrigerate them.

Set the table.
And if you’re arranging flowers on it, do that now, too. Things are starting to look a lot like Thanksgiving - nice work!

Thanksgiving Day

Cook your turkey so it’ll be done about a half an hour before you plan to eat. While the turkey cooks, prep anything else you’ve left until now. When the turkey is done and resting, warm up your side dishes and make the gravy. Carve the turkey…and enjoy!

*Free pickup on orders of $35 or more. Restrictions may apply.