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E-Blox Story Blox The Cave

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Innovate Integrate and Inspire

  • S - Science
  • T - Technology
  • R - Reading
  • E - Engineering
  • A - Arts
  • M - Mathematics

An exciting reading adventure story where Seymour E. Blox climbs a mountain on faith alone and discovers a secret cave that holds the answers to many mysteries about the Earth''s history, extinct animals, old memories, a new home, and much more.

Journey deep into the cave and discover shimeji mushrooms and glowing pilea flowers, and see prehistoric creatures when you build a Mastodon and T-Rex!

Opening Curious Minds to:

  • Story Writing
  • 3D Electronic Circuits
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Spelunking (cave exploring)
  • Paleontology (study of prehistoric animals)
  • Micro Chip Technology
  • Animal Extinction
  • Mycology (study of fungi)
  • Homemade Candy
  • Water Skin to Hold Water
  • Flower Botany and Biology
  • Messages in Dreams

How E-Blox® Works

Tin-plated blocks safely carry electric current through a circuit from a 9v battery, lighting the light emitting diodes (LEDs). No messy wires, just a nice clean look.

Designed with Safety in mind if there is a short circuit, the battery holder makes an audible tone and the internal thermal fuse prevents overheating.