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Educational Insights Super Sleuth Vocabulary Game

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Crack the codes and solve 180+ vocabulary mysteries! Take turns answering questions and solving mystery cards to master synonyms antonyms homophones and multiple-meaning words.

  • 2 - 4 players
  • Grades 3+
  • Cards measure - 4 W x 2.75 H in.
  • Badges measure - 1 W x 1.5 H in.
  • Decoder card measures - 2.75 W x 1.125 H in.
  • Read the clue card.
  • Answer the question aloud.
  • Use the decoder to check your answer.
  • Look out for Lucky Break and Bad Luck cards. You could win or lose a badge!
  • Collect a badge for each correct answer - the first player to collect three badges from each category wins.


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