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Julian Bakery Pegan Thin® Protein Bar Sweet Sunflower

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This delicious Vegan & Paleo (Pegan) protein bar packs 20 g certified organic seed protein from Watermelon Seeds that have an amazing complete amino acid profile ideal for building lean muscle or aiding in your weight loss or maintenance goal in conjunction with exercise.

This Pegan Thin® Protein Bar has a sweet sunflower butter (non-gritty) taste with only 187 Calories, and 2 Net Carbs (Almost All Carbs Are From Prebiotic Fiber That Curb Appetite Without Bloating), No Added Sugar, Sweetened w/Monk Fruit and contains no sugar alcohols, corn, dairy or any junk. Every ingredient was hand picked to promote optimal health while still tasting amazing. The other amazing benefit of this bar is the organic protein source we use is a complete protein that aids in building lean, hard, defined muscle as it contains all the proper amino acids your muscles need.