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Laird Superfood Hydrate Matcha Drink Mix

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Coconut Water + Matcha + Aquamin™

Hydrate Matcha combines the natural benefits of Japanese green tea with Laird Superfood''s freeze-dried coconut water + Aquamin™ mix. This powerful superfood blend delivers a delicious taste profile and provides a superior alternative to sugar-laden sports drinks. Hydrate Matcha is one of Laird Hamilton''s favorite daily rituals for vitality and performance, which he highly recommends for your daily routine.

3 Delicious, Power-Packed Ingredients

Freeze-Dried Coconut Water

Naturally-occurring potassium and other electrolytes.


A calcified sea algae sourced from Iceland consisting of 72 trace minerals.

Japanese Matcha

Shade grown and finely ground, whole leaf green tea powder.

All Natural Performance Solution

Hydrate Matcha has natural qualities that can provide a boost of focus and calmness to help you power through your day.

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