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Lumabone Bacon Durable Chew Small

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Pigs may never fly, but Lumabone will rocket your beloved pup to cloud nine.  Why?  Because we''ve turbocharged this durable chew toy with Real Bacon, made right here in the good ole USA.  It''s like intimate hours spent in close contact with bacon, without the negative repercussions.  Don''t feel embarrassed....we''re a little jealous too.  At Lumabone, we''re in the business of making dogs happy, and there''s nothing more important to us than the safety of your dog.  So let''s get the obvious out of the way:  Is it hard?  Yes!  Is it edible?  No.  Will it last forever?  Definitely not.  Check out the inside of this package or for more keeping your pup safe.