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Native State Purely Pinole™ Power Breakfast Original

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What is Pinole (pih-nol)?

Secret power food of the Aztecs created 500 years ago for energy and endurance. Still fueling the Tarahumara Indians, the world''s greatest runners

Made with ancient purple maize

A supergrain (slow roasted & stone milled for rich, nutty flavor) and blended with chocolately cacao & a touch of cinnamon

One-Stop Power Shop

High Protein: Builds muscle, keeps you full

High Fiber: Aids in digestion and metabolism

Powerful Antioxidants:

• Fight free radicals

• Reduce inflammation

• Boost immunity 

Ways to Enjoy Purely Pinole

• as a warm breakfast bowl

• in a delicious smoothie

• in your favorite recipes

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Proud to work with small family farmers to sustainably produce rich, wholesome foods that enable you to discover more, live better, and play harder.

 Angela & Claudio