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Nature's Plus Organic Ultra Juice® Multinutrient Supplement

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Nutritional Support for Overall Well-Being.

Certified Organic Ultra Juice® is a full-spectrum whole food and juice supplement, delivering the remarkable benefits that can only be found in wholesome, certified organic fruits, vegetables and juices.  Certified Organic Ultra Juice includes a complete profile of phytonutrients with more Total ORAC antioxidant activity than can be found in 18 servings of common fruits and vegetables.

Certified Organic Ultra Juice is specially formulated for targeted release. Each tablet utilizes a revolutionary bi-layered delivery system. This ensures that the fruit half, with its enzyme blend, dissolves rapidly, and the vegetable half, with its probiotic blend, dissolves slowly. It has never been easier to receive the healthful goodness that only wholesome, organically grown green foods can provide.

Certified Organic Ultra Juice - The Next Generation of Organic Whole Food Supplementation.