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Phion pH Balance Green Superfood Powder

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Proper pH balance begins with nature''s perfect source, "greens." pHion Green Superfood is a highly alkalizing formulation of 30 concentrated grasses, veggies and sprouts designed to aid in the neutralization and elimination of damaging acids. Coupled with a balanced alkaline diet and sound exercise program, pHion Green Superfood supplementation aids in achieving improved health and wellness.

pHion Green Superfood is a leading all-in-one alkalizing formula for the body:

  • Super alkalizing proprietary formula
  • Dehydrated juice powders from over 30 grasses, veggies & sprouts
  • Super concentrated; just one teaspoon is equal to a 1 oz shot of freshly juiced grasses and 1 lb of veggies & sprouts
  • CereCalase®, a proprietary blend of enzymes that will increase bioavailability of all pHion Green Superfood ingredients

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