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SmartyPants Organics Toddler Complete

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Ok, so we can’t guarantee it’s 100 percent tantrum-proof. But, this one was formulated just for the little guys (and gals). Our new certified-organic and AVA certified-vegetarian Toddler Complete includes omega-3, probiotics, and 14 essential nutrients. We use the most premium ingredients and pack them into one easy-to- take gummy that even picky toddlers love.

We Want You To Know

That every nutrient that goes into the gummies is carefully chosen based on extensive research. And just as much care goes into making them delicious.

Vegetarian Superstar Ingredients

Vegetarian Omega 3s

Probiotic Bacillus Subtilis

Vitamin D as D3

Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin

Folate as Methylfolate

Vitamin K as K2