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Sprout Living Epic Organic Plant-Based Protein® Original

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Tastes Real Because It Is™

Epic Protein: Original is a thoughtful blend of complete organic plant proteins and nutrient-dense, exotic superfoods. With a pleasant and mild flavor that blends well with anything, it''s a smooth and delicious protein powder fit for your healthy lifestyle!

Farm Source » Optimally Dried » Thoughtfully Formulated » For Your Enjoyment

Multi-Source Protein With Whole Superfoods

Yellow Pea • Sunflower Seed • Pumpkin Seed • Sacha Inchi • Cranberry Seed • Jerusalem Artichoke

The EPIC Blend is an evolution of how we understand protein and its connection to the body. Protein-packed sprouted brown rice and yellow pea, omega fatty acid boasting sacha inchi, antioxidant-rich cranberry seeds and prebiotic-supplying Jerusalem artichoke create full spectrum plant protein that helps speed up recovery time, promote strength and replenish your body after a fun or challenging workout.

More than just a great source of protein, it''s the dynamic combination of powerful nutrients from whole superfoods that makes Epic Protein so special.

Sacha Inchi has been cultivated for thousands of years in the highlands of Peru for its amazing nutrients including omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and dietary fiber.

Cranberry Seeds are an antioxidant-rich superfood full of dietary flavonoids, plant sterols and free radical quenching proanthocyanidins, an especially potent pholyphenol.

Jerusalem Artichoke is a unique root vegetable rich in fiber, minerals, electrolytes and inulin, a nourishing food source, or prebiotic, for beneficial digestive bacteria.

Non-GMO • Vegan Verified • Gluten Free • Organic • Raw • Nut Free • Kosher